Under Construction: please contact our office on 01782315758 if you cant find what you are looking for. Our website is having a revamp whilst we review the information we are sharing inline with some changes in the law. The in-tuition area is also going through several developments as it hopes to re launch as a Special independent school. (Places will be advertised following successful registration and will be advertised on this website)

IN-tuition - Innovative nurture tuition, offers an alternative provision in partnership with Stoke on Trent. We offer tuition sessions for students struggling to access a fulltime curriculum. We complement what schools offer by assessing the current and longterm needs of the student and supporting agencies involved to create a plan to improve outcomes. please click on the tabs below to explore our curriculum and provision.


Diamond Families- a community interest company working in the community to improve the life chances of children. We offer a range of services, evidence-based programmes and guidance to children, families and professionals. Our multi-disciplinary approach captures what is needed to improve a challenge. We offer weekly training sessions for children and adults and have a menu of "free" workshops to offer guidance on emotional health and special educational needs.

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Diamond Families

20 Rosslyn Road
Stoke on Trent

Main Contact: Office

Tel: 07496 672456 - 01782 315 758
support@diamond-families.org.uk or support@diamond-families.org.uk