Sitting outside a school  recently on an Autumns day I began to observe how Parents, Childminders, Grandparents alike greeted the children after a long day at school. Its an Ofsted "Outstanding" school that I visit often, in a well to do area,  where parents roll up in their Mercs and 4x4's. Some gave the children big smiles and hugged the children walking happily back to the car, whilst others sighed with dread as the children were released from the care of the teacher for yet another day.

Were the jolly adults giving the illusion of Britishness, putting their brave face on? or were the deflated adults showing a true picture of parenting?

I paused for a moment and thought. If we gave time and consideration on deciding how to be "parents" how to "model" being a grown up to our children, if we gave this the same time and energy as we do to buying cars, choosing new earrings and booking holidays how would our children's memory's be different.

This insight into a birdseye view of parenting has given me the leap I needed to consistently challenge my own parenting values and enjoy parenting my priceless family jewels to help them stay sparkling. I now ask myself daily..... am I caring for my children in the way that I want them to care for my future Grandchildren?

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