What is available from us?

Helpful Charts - A fun waynof encouraging independant children to be happy, healthy and helpful! This is a quick and effective spin on more traditional methods of behaviour managent. Consists of 4 weeks worth of charts, stickers that are personalised for each families needs.

Wellbeing Assessment- Providing a bespoke action plan to help families become unstuck in thier search for happiness and success.

Support Groups - We provide mutual group support in local venues or virtuality

Sparkle By Design Adult Programme

Sparkle By Design Childrens Programme


Outreach Programme - can be a combination of educaiton and family therapy!


Wellbeing Success

Innovate Nurture Tuition - a bespoke programme designed to suit the needs of the child, our specialism to work with children who suffer with anxiety to previous trauma or a meurological condition

For more information or to order any of the above please contact a member of staff either by;

email - emma@diamond-families.org.uk

Phone - 01782 315758

Letter - 20 Rosslyn Road, Longton, Stoke-On-Trent, ST3 4JD

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